The following are effective as of October 27, 2012
REVISED 2010-2011Bbr> A print friendly version is available in the Downloads section of this website. 1. The name of the League shall be “NOTEKEU HOCKEY LEAGUE”.
2. The purpose of the League is “The promotion of amateur hockey”.
3. The League shall operate under the rules, constitution and by-laws of the C.H.A., S.H.A., and the Notekeu Hockey League. Any club or League Executive may, not lay any charges that would take a club or the Notekeu Hockey League to court.
4. a) The League Officers shall be: a Governor; a President; a Vice President; a Past President; a Secretary-Treasurer and two (2) Executive members from each club in the League.
b) The Inner Executive will be the President, Governor, Vice President, Past President, and the Secretary-Treasurer. The Entire Executive will be the members of the Inner Executive plus two (2) executive members from each club in the league.
5. a) The club that is in charge of the executive for that year shall appoint the President.
b) The Vice-President shall be appointed by the club that will be in charge of the Executive for the following year and shall be the President in the following year.
6. A Governor for the League shall be appointed at the first General Meeting of the league delegates by the President.
7. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be appointed by the President, and shall hold office during the tenure of the executive. He/She may be granted such honorarium as the executive deems fit.
8. a) At the League first General Meeting, each club shall signify in writing who are to be its’ entire executive members- three (3) members, any two out of three to attend meetings.
b) Only official Team delegates (2) may address the chair. POWERS & DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS OF THE LEAGUEBbr> 9. Subject to the powers of the President, as hereinafter stated, the Inner Executive shall have full control of the management of all affairs of the League. The Entire Executive shall be empowered to pass all necessary by-laws and regulations for the League’s operation, which regulations shall be binding on all club members.
10. The Entire Executive shall have the power of decisions for any one notice of appeal over the President’s decision.
b) The President or Vice President must call and shall preside at all League meetings.
c) A Notice of Appeal from any club in regard to the interpretation of League Regulations, or of a protest over a hockey game, shall be made to the President in writing within forty-eight (48) hours of the advertised time of the game and must be accompanied by a deposit of $50.00 cash or certified cheque. The President may request Affidavit evidence, and, in general, is empowered to take the necessary steps to enable him to make a just decision in respect to such appeals. If the appeal or protest is upheld, the deposit will be refunded. Otherwise, it shall be forfeited.
d) One (1) appeal of the President’s decision may be made to the Entire Executive on deposit of $100.00 cash or certified cheque. If the appeal is upheld, the deposit shall be refunded, otherwise it shall be forfeited. The appeal to the Entire executive is made within forty-eight (48) hours of the President rendering his decision.
e) The Inner executive shall receive pay from the League for all the legitimate expenses incurred while in the performance of duties. Expenses must be itemized and retained in the records.
f) The President shall appoint one or more persons to audit the books of the Secretary-Treasurer. The report of such audit will be available at each annual meeting.
g) Nothing herein provided shall permit the President to over-ride the rules, and Constitution of the C.H.A., S.H.A., and the Notice Hockey League.
h) The President will, at the first general meeting, appoint one of the executives to look after the League publicity. DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY-TREASURERBbr> 12. a) Keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the League meetings.
b) Have custody of all monies in the League.
c) Collect all membership fees and monies due to the League.
d) Make out and serve notice upon each club whose dues are in arrears, and, if the same are more than two (2) weeks overdue, shall report the fact to the President. Penalty clause - $40.00.
e) Keep a full record of names of the Club’s Executive Representatives.
f) Keep a roster of all players as registered for the year.
g) Notify all clubs of all meetings.
h) Together with the President, sign all cheques and vouchers.
i) Conduct the correspondence, keep copies of all letters written and files of letters received.
j) His/Her books and vouchers shall be at all times subject to inspection by the President, and shall be required by the entire Executive.
k) Prepare regular annual reports and statements.
l) Perform such duties in connection with the League and clubs belonging to it, as he/she may be directed to do so by the Entire Executive.
13. a) The Executive members of the clubs have the power to change, modify, or pass by-laws at the entire Executive meeting.
b) At all general and annual meetings, each member shall be entitled to two (2) voting delegates, which may comprise of the Executive members except where otherwise stated in the rules.
14. a) The Annual Meeting of the League shall be held before the 15th of October and after the 1st of July. The President shall fix the exact day.
b) All other meetings shall be held at the discretion of the president as stated in Rule 11b.
c) A quorum exists only when at least two thirds (2/3) of the Entire Executive are present.
d) All league meetings shall be held in Lafleche.
15. Amendments to the Constitution shall be made by three-quarters (3/4) vote of the delegates present at a special Constitutional meeting. Amendments to the Constitution will be made in writing at the General Meeting and be voted on at the Constitutional meeting.
16. That whenever a vote is taken of meetings of the League and the fraction is less than one-half (1/2), it shall be reduced to the lower number. CLUBS ENTERINGBbr> 17. Any new clubs entering the Notekeu League must have a three-quarters (3/4) vote majority at the League’s first general meeting, or any general or annual meeting held before November 1st.
18. Any new club shall be on one (1) year probation. On the beginning of the second year, they may be voted on whether they remain in the League or not. A three-quarters (3/4) vote majority must pass the vote. Such club shall only have one (1) vote while on probation.
19. The new club must pay all fees as a member club plus a fee of $400.00, of which $300.00 is a good performance bond, and the other $100.00 is an entrance fee – and will have one vote while on probation.
20. The home team is responsible for supplying two linesmen and must pay the linesmen and referee. A $150.00 fine applies for A) Failure in paying officials. B) Failure of making necessary officiating arrangements.
21. a) Registration fees are paid at the first general meeting. Roster registration is to in before the first league game is played. Substitution pending League Inner Executive decision.
22. Game sheets are to be faxed by midnight the day of the game and mailed and postmarked no later than Monday after the game scheduled week-end. Penalty of $40.00 for infraction, to be deducted from the performance bond, and must be replaced within a week.
23. Fines shall be payable within one week or befo