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Assiniboia 16 15 0 1 31
Coronach 16 11 4 1 23
Glentworth 16 10 5 1 21
Hodgeville 16 6 10 0 12
Gravelbour.. 16 4 11 1 9
Avonlea 16 2 12 1 5
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Executive Notes & Minutes

Executive Rotation List (updated May 11, 2023)

2023/24 - Assiniboia

2022/23 - Coronach

2021/22 - Gravelbourg

2020/21 - No Season

2019/20 - Hodgeville

2018/19 - Glentworth

2017/18 - Mossbank

2016/17 - Assiniboia

2015/16 - Coronach

2014/15 - Rockglen

2013/14 - Gravelbourg

2012/13 - Herbert

2011/12 - Assiniboia

Notekeu Hockey League

Fall Organizing meeting - Gravelbourg Curling Rink Lounge

October 12, 2022

By Kelly Elder

In Attendance: 

Outgoing executive: Bob and Gaetan Piche from Gravelbourg

Assiniboia: Derek Lessmeister, Spencer Bushell, 

Glentworth: Riley Slough and Chad Brisebois

Hodgeville:  Travis Kennedy and Dylan Chartrand 

Gravelbourg: Julien Michaud, Bob Bowler

Avonlea: Russell Abbott

Coronach: Curtis Noll, Grant Elder and Kelly Elder

  1. Meeting called to order 7:00 pm
  2. Curtis Noll/Travis Kennedy Move the adoption of the agenda                                 CARRIED
  3. Julien Michaud/Spencer Bushell move the adoption of the Oct 19, 2021 Minutes as read by Gaetan Piche                                                                                      CARRIED
  4. Julien Michaud/Travis Kennedy move the adoption of the financial statements      CARRIED
  5. Riley Slough/Julien Michaud motion to transfer signing authority to the new secretary/treasurer Coronach’s representative Kelly Elder.                                                             CARRIED 
  6. Grant Elder took over as president and chaired the rest of the meeting
  7. Team Reports: No reports
  8. Riley Slough/Curtis Noll motion to accept Avonlea Arrows into the league               CARRIED
  9. Constitution

Derek Lessmeister/Riley Slough motion to make changes to the constitution (34B); as was motioned in a previous year but not recorded; to eliminate the exception in regards to a doctor’s note                                                                                                                    CARRIED

10.  Schedule:  Hodgeville, Assiniboia, Coronach, Glentworth, Gravelbourg and Assiniboia

Derek Lessmeister/Julien Michaud move a 17 game schedule              DEFEATED

Curtis Noll/ Travis Kennedy move a 16 game schedule                          CARRIED

Motions were made, discussion followed with a vote of 3/3. More discussion and a revote and the 16 game schedule was accepted

Curtis Noll will prepare the schedule. Teams to pass on unavailable dates and requests to Curtis. The schedule will be emailed to mjreflive.ca for official assigning  

Opening weekend will be November 18, 2022

11. Playoffs:   Derek Lessmeister/Travis Kennedy move the following playoff format 

First and second place after regular season play will by a first round bye

Best of 3 between teams in #3 and #6 and #4 and #5  - to be completed by Feb 12

Best of 5 between winner of  #3/6 and #2 and winner of 4/5 and #1; to be completed by Feb 26

Best of 7 final series between winners the previous series - series to be finished by March 20


12. Curtis Noll adjourned the meeting at 7:55 pm

October 15, 2018 Minutes (added Oct 22, 2019)

Notekeu Hockey League Scheduling Meeting Minutes Tuesday, October 15, 2018 Assiniboia, SK 121 Steakhouse

Present: Darren Gosling- President Bryce Ellert- Rockglen Loren Koller- Secretary Mario Prefontaine- Rockglen Bill Lothian- Assiniboia Mike Harden- Rockglen Spencer Bushell- Assiniboia Brett Stolson- Hodgeville Kale Kupper- Coronach Cory Haubrich- Hodgeville Grant Elder- Coronach Cam Schafer- Glentworth Erik Kohlenberg- Gravelbourg Ryley Slough- Glentworth Joseph Jansen- Gravelbourg Craig Spetz- Glentworth

President Darren Gosling called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m, and proceeded to read the meeting minutes from the October 19, 2017 Scheduling Meeting.

Minutes Stolson, Hodgeville/ Harden, Rockglen That the minutes from the October 19, 2017 scheduling meeting be accepted as presented. CARRIED

Discussion: * Govenor, Shawn Mulvena * Secretary, Loren Koller

Team Registration Payments: PAID: Glentworth Note: Hodgeville & Rockglen will be mailing cheques to Mossbank Gravelbourg Assiniboia Coronach

Trophies: Trophies are to be taken to Glentworth by Christmas. 2nd Round of Playoffs: Best of 5 vs Best of 7: Haubrich, Hodgeville/ Slough, Glentworth That we amend the playoff format for the second round of playoffs from a seven game schedule to a five game schedule. CARRIED (10 for, 3 opposed)

Adjourn 9:00 p.m. Haubrich, Hodgeville

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